Ever since Beyoncé's new single came out and she performed at the Super Bowl, there has been a terrible uproar. As mentioned in my Super Bowl Recap, people are trying to boycott Beyoncé because apparently the music video sends a negative message to police officers. She has also been called out by media figures on it. Rudy Giuliani, the former major of New York said Bey "attacked" the law enforcement and that it was an "outrageous" performance towards police officers that "protect" us.

Then news anchor, Tomi Lahren even tried to call Beyoncé out, which ended pretty badly. She said on live television that Beyonce was married to a past "drug dealer who sold crack cocaine" and that with his past, that's no way to save black neighborhoods. Off topic much? She showed no remorse in tongue lashing Beyoncé all because she thought it was wrong for the singer to pay tribute to the Black Panthers during halftime. Right after her rant, the Beyhive attacked her on social media.


First off let me say this, ITS BLACK HISTORY MONTH. The Black Panthers were a BIG part of our history, so there's nothing negative about that. The Black Panthers weren't "violent," they practiced SELF DEFENSE because some white people, especially the law enforcement was VIOLENT against black people. And once again, the justice system is corrupted! We have the law enforcement killing innocent children (specially black) and getting away with it. So please don't try to attack Beyoncé for sending a harmless message. It was a political music video, which also celebrated and uplifted black people and history. The music video was dedicated to us to remind us that WE are beautiful people, and that our lives matter just like everyone else's. It takes all the demeaning things we've been called and turn it into something positive. Bey is basically saying, "Let society continue to look at us as  'Negros' or 'Bamas,' and people with big ass noses because we are beautiful either way. We built this country and bare the weight of it. Not only that, it touched back on what happened during Katrina and black culture. So don't tell me that her halftime performance or music video was "outrageous" or "inappropriate" because it was positively impacting and inspiring. And if you misunderstood the message, then you must be close-minded.