I'm so amazed at how many young adults are not educated  on what the caucuses and primaries are. The participation and promotion of young people voting is great, but it seems like half of us don't know what's going on or why. People are under the impression that this electrical process decides who becomes president and it doesn't!!!! This electoral process is to help nominate a candidate for the presidential election. So here's a little 101 class for the dummies!

In a primary, residents cast their ballots and in a caucus, there is local gathering where voters openly decide which candidate to support. "The caucus format favors candidates who have a dedicated and organized following because a small band of devoted volunteers can exert an outsized influence in the open setting of a caucus," according to online sources. States choose whether they want to hold primaries or caucuses. 

At a caucus, members of a political party meet in person at an appointed time and location to discuss the candidates and debate their merits. The voting for candidates happens either by raising hands or by separating into groups, and manually counting the votes by counting the number of supporters of each candidate. On the other hand, a primary allow those who are eligible to vote to cast a secret ballot. 

And lastly, each state has a certain number of delegates that represent the state at the National Convention of either the Democrat or Republican political party. It is at this event that the party's presidential nominee is chosen and this doesn't happen until JULY FYI!!!!! "'The delegates of each state are 'awarded' to one of the presidential candidates and the candidate with the most number of delegates on his/her side wins the nomination. Some states use a winner-take-all approach and award all their delegates to the winner of the caucus or primary in that state. Some states award delegates in proportion to the percentage of votes the candidates receive,'" according to online sources.

Therefore don't panic YET! Just because Trump or whoever else you're not favoring is in the lead does not mean they are going to be the next president right now. Relax and educate yourself before you panic and rant on Twitter. Class is now dismissed!