A girl's best friend's are definitely her credit cards/charge cards. Shopping is the best way to fill any type of void, at least for me. Whenever I'm mad, sad or stressed a little retail therapy is something that I can always depend on. It puts me in a happy mood. There's nothing like buying a new pair of shoes or buying name brand clothing. And I definitely love that new purchase smell. I'm mainly a fan of online shopping, I love the anticipation for something to arrive at my door step. But shopping can also bring on negatives.

For example, not managing your money or keeping up with your charge cards are major negatives. 
You want to know how much is in your bank account before shopping. That's one thing I always check first and never spent down to your last dollar! If you do that, you have a serious problem. Ok, I'll be honest, I've done that before a few times, but it was very necessary for whatever reason. Also make sure when using charge cards you pay back the money you spend. Charge cards are to help build credit (and to spend money you don't have when you see something cute), therefore keep up with the monthly payments so your credit can remain in good standing. Also, MAJOR KEY ALERT: never pay the whole amount on your charge card at once, you won't build credit that way. 

As a college student, I learned to shop smart and manage money. And while being a college student, that's the time loaners and banks try to come for you, offering credit cards and harassing you with emails to get a visa with a credit of "$1000". They figure, if you're taking out loans for college, you might do the same with a bank because "we need/want the money". It's all tempting, but don't give in unless your know you can handle it.

Coming from me personally, I have fell for the persuasive trap of getting credit cards and charge cards just so I could buy clothes and necessities. It's been plenty of times where I've walked into stores such as PINK and Macy's and fell for the line, "would you like to apply for a charge card for an extra 20 percent off on your purchase?"  Then get stuck with a 15 percent interest rate on whatever I spent. But the great thing about that is, I have parents! So they paid most of my charge cards off. It's been times where I went crazy and charged $500 here and there and didn't have it, so thank goodness for them!

So word of advice, if you're a college student, this is the time you start building credit and the time stores will persuade you to get a charge card, DON'T DO IT UNLESS YOU CAN CONTROL YOUR SPENDING AND MONEY. Also, credit is EVERYTHING, don't mess it up being unwise. Remember, you need good credit to buy a car and a home in the future. Take it from me, a person who loves to shop.