Today a meet and greet with the Oscar award-winning actor, producer, and director; Sean Astin was held by the EMU college democrats . If you are not familiar with Sean, he played Mikey in "The Goonies" and Samwise in " The Lord of the Rings." You might even recognize him as the football player who had dreams of playing for Notre Dame in the movie "Rocky."

Astin has been traveling state to state in support of Hillary Clinton's campaign for president. He's been visiting different college campuses to encourage students, 18 and older, to register to vote and to support Hillary in the election. 

During his meet and greet he explained how he began working with Hillary Clinton. 

" I met Hillary in 1992 when working on Bill Clinton's campaign and that's how we became acquainted, and was able to work on both of her campaigns," he said.

Sean Astin emphasized the importance of voting and letting young adults voices be heard when there is a call for action. He also explained why he was so Pro-Hillary and against Donald Trump.

" I believe in her as a person, I think she could make a difference," he said. But Trump on the other hand, Astin asked students why would they want someone who said "mean, nasty negative things" to be their president? And whenever Trumps speaks it makes him want to "punch the TV,"  then a few laughs echoed through the room.

Apart from Astin speaking of how he is deeply involved in politics, I was able to squeeze in a few questions about how Sean's earned his career in Hollywood.

" Well, because of my parents. They were very famous, so I was able to get into the acting business through nepotism."

Sean Astins parents are John Astin, who played the father in the 1964 film " The Addams Family," and Patty Duke from "The Patty Duke Show" in 1963. 

Astin also extended his advice for those who have interest in acting as well.

" Build a resume and perfect your craft, whether it's in school or outside of school," he said. "Don't just search 'talent agency' on google either and don't pay anyone to be your talent agent because it doesn't work like that."

As a celebrity Sean Austin has managed to set a great example for his fans and college students today. Outside of his acting career, he contributes to his country by using his voice to encourage others to register to vote and to make people realize how important their decisions and opinions are.

" If you want to make a change, don't just mope around and b*tch about it, do something about it! Vote!"