Shanae at the 2017 Prime Time Emmys. Photo Credit: Shanae Cole via Instagram @itswondawoman.

Shanae at the 2017 Prime Time Emmys. Photo Credit: Shanae Cole via Instagram @itswondawoman.

When people see the DC superhero, Wonder Woman, one must consider how multitalented and powerful she is. From her abilities to fly, breathe fire to being the symbol of equality, power, and truth makes her unparalleled. Although she may be portrayed as a fictional character, somewhere in this world Wonder Woman exists and Shanae Cole is her!

Originally from Lancaster, Pennsylvania, Shanae is a 26-year-old goddess with a variety of talents and super powers in the media and production industry. Some of her abilities include working in post-production for all the popular shows you can think of, including the Emmy’s, Victoria’s Secret Fashion Shows, MTV Awards, The Oscars and many more. And her favorite superhero just so happens to be Wonder Woman.

 “I admire Wonder Woman because of what she represents; she's strong, wise, confident and fights for the betterment of society, and she doesn't  let  being  a  female  stop  her  from going after  what she wants,” says Cole.

In post production, Shanae has fulfilled both coordinator and assistant editor duties. As a post coordinator, her job involves creating spreadsheets to track incoming content such as clips, headshots and music for nominated  shows and talent. As an assistant editor most of her tasks includes creating string-outs for packages and organizing assets.

“I loved working on the Primetime Emmy Awards,” says Cole. “Our department started work early because we had to watch all the nominated shows then create packages based on what category it was nominated for.”

“Was this process labor intensive? Yes, but I enjoyed it because not only was I creating something visually appealing, but I was also being introduced to shows I had never watched before which was great.”

Shanae and other post-production crew members at the 2017 Oscars. Photo Credit: Shanae Cole via Instagram.

Shanae and other post-production crew members at the 2017 Oscars. Photo Credit: Shanae Cole via Instagram.

In most recent events, Shanae helped out at the 2018 Billboard Music Awards where she said the experience was really fun.

“I was in charge of distributing show assets to media outlets like Access HollywoodThe Hollywood Reporter and Vibe and also uploading those assets to the app so that subscribers would have access to it.”

As of now she is working in Culver City, California as an Associate Producer on the HGTV show, My Lottery Dream Home. She has previously worked for other big names including Viacom, Warner Bros., and TV One.

“One thing I liked about working in post was the fact that we were able to dress up on show day and actually enjoy the show,” says Cole. “Once the packages were sent out, our work was done until after the show which gave us time to mix and mingle with the celebs.”

“I met a lot of great people during these shows, but I was ecstatic when I met Ellen DeGeneres and Denzel Washington.”

In addition to her many talents, Shanae has also worked as an audience coordinator for events such as the Teen Choice Awards and Nickelodeon Kids Choice SPORTS Awards.

2016 Kids Choice Sports Awards. Photo Credit: Shanae Cole via Instagram.

2016 Kids Choice Sports Awards. Photo Credit: Shanae Cole via Instagram.

 “Working as an audience coordinator kind of happened out of nowhere,” says Cole.

 “I was at an industry event and was telling an industry professional about how I loved Nickelodeon and she said, ‘I am actually looking for audience coordinators  for the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Sports Awards and I 'd love to bring you on board.’”

Shanae said that it was her personality and energy that made the industry professional consider her a perfect fit for the job.

“After the SPORTS Awards, she put me on to other shows. I enjoyed being an audience coordinator because I love talking to people and doing anything I can to ensure that they have a great time and experience.

Shanae also works just as much on the scene as behind the scenes.  When on camera, she collaborates on projects with her twin sister, Shaniece Cole. Both Shanae and Shaniece have done commercials for AT&T and PopSugar Beauty (shown below).

“Although we love working behind the scenes, we also love to perform (acting and dancing). When it comes to the opportunities themselves, our talent agents are the ones that send us out on auditions, and then it’s up to us to book it!”

Shanae’s ultimate goal is to one day produce and star in a sitcom with her twin sister to show how versatile they are.

“This goal not only utilizes our behind the scenes skill-sets, but also our talent abilities and creativity.”

Shanae also has goals of one day using her abilities to work on a movie.

With such an extensive background in media and production, you can see why Shanae is in fact  a wonder woman. She can literally do it all! And for those who aspire to work in the same field, Shanae advises whoever you are to be persistent!

“Sometimes it may take a few months or years to obtain a goal, but if you continue to sow seeds- applying to jobs, fine-tuning your resume, sharpening your skills, networking- you will eventually achieve that goal.”

“I feel like all women should strive to have the attributes of Wonder Woman. We are powerful beings and we are capable of changing the world,”says Cole.

“Do I believe that I possess some of these traits?  Yes, this is why I can relate to her."