Photo by Kenny W. (IG @shotbykenny) 

Photo by Kenny W. (IG @shotbykenny) 

What started out as only a vision in the mind of a high schooler is now a big shot today in the city of Detroit. 

If you’ve heard of The HipHop Lab then you heard of Lando. Lando, a 23-year-old cinematographer, host, producer and entrepreneur created his famous YouTube Channel back when he was 18-years-old in 2015, keeping us updated with the latest Detroit music and news.

Most people can agree that you either can hit or miss in the entertainment industry, however Lando knew he was gonna be very successful because entertainment was something that he loved. 

 “My parents didn’t think a YouTube channel was going to make money and wanted me to get a real job,” says Lando. 

At the time of the creation of his show, Lando had a entry level job at 7 Eleven. He later decided to quit his job to dedicate all his time to his channel and building a brand. 

“I told my parents that The HipHop Lab was going to make thousands... they didn’t believe me,” says Lando. “Now I’m actually making those thousands and they see it.” 

Lando’s channel had its breakthrough after he interviewed Detroit rapper and one of Meek Mills newly signed artist, Dex Osama. A while after the interview hit the internet, the rapper was fatally shot and killed. His death brought a lot of attention to Lando’s interview and channel.

On The HipHop Lab, the rapper talked about seeing his death in the near future. See full interview below.


“That interview was bitter sweet ‘cause it was an important interview for me, but it was his was crazy that he predicted his own death, it was a wow factor...”

Fast forward today, Lando’s channels has over 92 thousand subscribers and over 43 million views.  He’s accumulated a wide audience that’s still growing from the west and mid-west coast.  He’s even interviewed celebrities like Deb and Waka Flocka from LHH, Tee Grizzly and more. He even films music videos and collaborates on albums with artist such as Sada Baby, BandGang Lonnie, and more.

“It really just took a lot of consistency to gain the audience I have,” says Lando.  “As far as making music videos and making albums, it was always something I wanted to do, so when I was able to do it I couldn’t wait!”

Now, adding onto his brand, Lando is also managing artists. His first signed artist is Detroit raptress, Rocky Badd. 

 “I knew Rocky since 2015 and seen were I could improve the business side of things so it made sense to sign her.”

He decided to sign Rocky this past October and since then her career has skyrocketed with the help of The HipHop Lab.  


“Since working with Rocky her numbers have increased across all streaming platforms,” says Lando.

Today Rocky stands on a platform for 217K followers on Instagram and has had some dope projects released, including “The Real B,” and “Badd Publicity.” 

 “I definitely want to pick up more artist, but I don’t wanna bite off more than I can chew at the moment,” says Lando in hopes to one day expand his business.

It’s obvious that his success did not happen over night. So in regards to those who want to take the same path in the entertainment industry, I asked Lando to offer up some advice on how to do it. 

“The advice I want to give is don’t settle and get comfortable,” he says. “It’s hard to manage everything and still have a successful personal life, it literally all flows down to the process of elimination.”

To sum it all up, you have to keep working hard, make goals and challenge yourself in order to make it into this industry. Along with being in this business you have to make sacrifices. And once you start doing all those things you can, too, one day be successful.