Eddie Kidd standing with camera man just before an interview with Fox 2 News after becoming a grant recipient. Picture retrieved from Eddie via IG: gg.kidd

Eddie Kidd standing with camera man just before an interview with Fox 2 News after becoming a grant recipient. Picture retrieved from Eddie via IG: gg.kidd

One man’s life experiences gave him the idea to create the most influential and motivational clothing brand in Detroit. GRIND GRIND (GG) Clothing Line is the one brand that offers all the encouragement and drive that one individual may lack. From it’s ambitious phrases printed on its apparel to the very face behind the brand, GG ‘s goal is to “spread the message of chasing your dreams,” no matter what obstacles that could be in the way.

Eddie Kidd is the 24-year-old behind the GG clothing line.  Before his brand, Eddie was a full time student athlete.

“I graduated from Brother Rice High School 2012 as a state champ under legendary coach Al Fracassa. I was blessed to play for Northwood University on a scholarship and after my redshirt (freshman) year I transferred to Notre Dame College where I was the starting corner,” says Kidd.

Due to his mother falling ill in 2014 with congestive heart failure and Pancreatitis, Eddie decided to lay football to rest in the beginning of his redshirt junior year.

“Football was something I loved and had so much passion for, but family is most important to me so I decided to hang up the cleats. I’m thankful for everything the game had brought me discipline, friends, drive, education and so much more.”

Even though Eddie had to retire his dream of one day playing in the NFL, he did not quit on the vision of making his positive presence felt in the league. Thats when another dream began to form and that dream was GRIND GRIND. Eddie was inspired by his mothers illness to start his clothing line.

“She had been in and out of the hospital for a year and had gotten down to 90 pounds. At that point I knew it was time to go harder,” says Kidd. “I also seen this as an opportunity to give people a chance to wear apparel that had a meaning/purpose behind it, but also fashionable.”

And that’s when Eddie started making his brand come to life. He began with only placing “GRIND GRIND” on a few shirt for him to work out in.

“I used the only two words I could find fit to describe my life and then people started rocking with what I was wearing.”

But it took more than just a few shirts and people to get his clothing line to where it is now. Eddie says that it took the three things that mattered to him most: God, vision, and support.

“We promoted GG through social media, word of mouth,website, of course our lifestyles . I feel like my lifestyle was the most beneficial promotion, for individuals to see the obstacles that I’ve faced and how I’ve stay diligent to overcome them speaks volume,” says Kidd.

Today, besides the billboards that are posted around the city displaying the logo and catch phrases, GRIND GRIND is also in the works of opening up their first store located right in the heart of the city. They’ve even received a few accolades along the way.


“GRIND GRIND is doing amazing & it’s all glory to God,” says Kidd. “We recently received an award from the state of Michigan & Mayor Mike Duggan, which was a huge blessing. Football season is also starting so a lot of NFL and College players will be rocking GG.”

According to Eddie, his hardships and other life experiences is part of what contributed to GG coming this far.

“It not only pushed me to want to be the best businessman, but to use my testimony to go change, help, motivate, and inspire someone else. I refuse to let one situation determine my future for my life,” says Kidd.

“I decided I was going To show individuals that there is a different way rather than just sports and music like the misconception I had growing up in Detroit. I wanted to let people know that with God first anything is possible when you CHASE YO DREAMS AND GRIND TWICE AS HARD.”