Three Days in France 2017

Take a look into my 3 day adventure in Paris! These pictures consist of my visits to the Musee Du Lourve, the Catacombs, Arc De Triomphe, and Eiffel Tower. You'll also see some of the foods I ate, street life and the hotel I stayed in.




A Week in England 2017

Spent a week in the United Kingdom with family.  Check out some of the sight seeing I did in London and the hotel I stayed in!! FYI: I wasn't allowed to take pictures in most parts of the London Tower because of the items they hold and because of how old some things are. Camera flashes makes things fade. Also I only took one picture while at Oxford University because I was touring the school as a perspective student. 

3 Days in Greece 2016

Check out the ancient ruins I saw in Athens. The thing about Athens is that its kinda set how Rome is; meaning there's a lot of ancient ruins where city buildings an businesses have been built around. Any corner you turn you are bound to see something from B.C. If you ever decide to visit, dress appropriately. It was hot as hell.

2 days in Hong Kong 2016

2 days in Hong Kong with my roommates from Korea University! We went to the temple of ten thousand Buddhas, Hong Kong Disney and did a lot of site seeing around the city! 

A Week in Japan 2016

Got the chance to fly out Tokyo to visit some distant relatives on my dad side of the family. I didn't stay at a hotel, I stayed at their home. While there, they showed me around Tokyo, Minato, Shabuya ( the shopping/fashion area in Japan), they also took me to Tokyo Disney.

My Week in Spain 2015

I studied abroad in Spain through my university. We stopped in Madrid and spent a week in Barcelona. Didn't get to take as many picture in Spain like I wanted because I was really busy preparing for and taking finals. But check out my adventures to the Sagrada Familia and other places around the country.

DMV and South Korea 2016

I was an exchange student at Korea University for a whole semester of my sophomore year. While there, I did a lot of sight seeing and traveling. The food was great, the culture was interesting, and the friends I made were awesome. It was the best experience of my life and I definitely plan on returning one day. Take a look at my acceptance letter, some of the things I experienced, and the friends I made while abroad!

FYI: DMV is the military area where you can see where North and South Korea are divided. It's also where three tunnels were found underground. The tunnels were created by North Korea to invade South Korea.

2 Weeks in Italy 2015

I studied abroad in Italy for about 2.5 weeks through my university. Our first stop was Venice, Florence, then Rome and Vatican City. It was definitely a great cultural experience. I even met a few celebrities such as the group/band One Republic and Michelle Phifer. Take a look at some of my adventures!

FYI: in Vatican, it was prohibited to take pictures in most areas including the church. Also, Itlay had THE BEST ice cream.

2 Days in Switzerland 2015

I spent two days in Zurich while studying abroad with my university. The abroad program actually started when we arrived in Switzerland. We literally stayed from the day we landed and until the next afternoon. I slept half the time because I had really bad jet leg. The pictures you see are the only ones I had enough time to take because I was literally in the middle of an outside class session lol.