Dereka K. Bennett

Detroit, MI. 48203



University of Michigan                       

Bachelor of Arts Degree December 2019     

Major: Screen Studies & Journalism, GPA: 3.9                                            


Eastern Michigan University Honors College           2014-2018

Major: Media Studies & Journalism   Minor: Communications, GPA: 3.8

Foreign exchange student at Korea University Winter 2016

International Studies in Europe and Egypt


Relevant Experience

Karen, Content Contributor                                        July 2018-Present

·         Covering stories on celebrity news, music, award shows, interviews and more.

ESPN3 , Intern/Camera Operator                                               September 2017- November 2018

·         Assisted in creating packages and helping marketing team.

EMU Today. Field Reporter & Camera operator                    October 2017- November 2018

·         Created packages.

·         Filmed stand-ups and assisted with filming on set.

ABC 12 News, Intern                                                                May 2018-August 2018

·         Shadowed and assisted reporters.

·         Filmed stand-ups.

·         Created demo reels, pitched story ideas and worked news desk.

E-TV Eagle Sports, Sports Moderator                                    September 2016-April 2017

·         Moderated sports show.

·         Wrote scripts and reviewed games.

·         Conducted interviews.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

Eastern Echo Newspaper, Staff Writer                                   September 2016-April 2018

·         Wrote for the sports and arts & entertainment section.

·         Published photos and articles, conducted interviews. 

Nexus Magazine, Korea University; Staff Writer                   February 2016- June 2016

·         Wrote about The International Town of Sejong (ITS) Program

·         Covered major events on campus and conducted interviews.

The Girls Room, Radio Co-host                      September 2015- December 2015

·         Assisted with hosting weekly radio show.

·         Assisted in writing and editing scripts.

·         Learned how to work under pressure (improvise).

Steps Radio 1440 WDRJ (AM), Radio personality                 September 2013- September 2014

·         Conducted radio stories on drug and alcohol prevention for teens.

·         Conducted on-air interviews.

·         Wrote and edited scripts.

·         Lead personality host.

Detroit Free Press Staff-Writer for CT Visionary                   September 2013- June 2014

·         Conducted interviews.

·         Wrote press release for Pistons.

·         Published articles related to “Teen Talk.”

Professional Organizations

National Society of Collegiate Scholars, President of Sigma Alpha Lambda Honors


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