Photo Credit: Inside Sport: Japan

Photo Credit: Inside Sport: Japan

At 22-years-old, Clint Floyd was the next look in the 2012 NFL Draft. Standing at 5’10 and only 195 lbs, he was the primary starter as a free safety at Arizona State University. But what got everyone’s attention was his action in the 2011 season.

The Sun Devil led with four interceptions, along with 69 tackles and two forced fumbles. He was also named second team ALL-PAC 12 and PAC 12 ALL Bowl. It was only one thing- or rather two- that was holding him back from his opportunity to go pro.

“I was suppose to be drafted 5th round to the  Kansas City Chiefs, but my shoulder information scared them away once they saw my paperwork from doctors,” says Floyd.

According to doctors notes, Floyd needed surgery on both shoulders at the time. 

“I tore my labrum on my left shoulder and my right shoulder was a repair,” says Floyd.

However, his injuries didn’t keep him from trying to pursue his dreams. Since Clint was no longer a 5th round pick, he decided to become a free agent and go to the Detroit Lions. Yet again Clint found himself at a stand-still.

“It was basically the first day of camp when the Lions let me go,” says Floyd. 

“No team is going to waste money on a player with two injuries. It was a very sad day, but I understood.”

Clint had to take a 2-year break from football for rehab and recovery. Now, at 28-years-old, he’s playing for the Asahi Soft Drink Challengers in Japan’s Football League.

Photo Credit: Inside Sport: Japan

Photo Credit: Inside Sport: Japan

“I heard about international football from teammates once I was let go from the Detroit Lions,” says Floyd. “They told me about a site,, that helps players in the states and in other countries get recruited by teams overseas.”

After doing some research, Clint’s highlight film was sent in by his friend, Reggie Mitchell, to a coach that was looking for a defensive back in Japan. This will now be his second year playing as no. 8 on the field as a defensive back and return specialist. This season he is focused on his team winning the Rice Bowl and becoming an All Conference Player.

Besides a good network and sending in clips, Clint says there are additional requirements in order to play in the international league.

“To play professional here in Japan, you need to be a college or university graduate,” says Floyd. “Players should also always stay in shape and be prepared for future opportunities at any time.” 

During the season Clint is required to live overseas for 8-10 months of each year. But during the off season, he enjoys being an entrepreneur.

“When I’m not playing I'm teaching English and coaching college athletes,” says Floyd. “Back in the states I'm a personal trainer for ‘Creatively Elite Fitness’ too. I work with all levels and all sports starting from age four to adults.” 

Footage from Clint's personal training sessions with Creatively Elite Fitness. Photo Credit: Clint Floyd via Instagram

Footage from Clint's personal training sessions with Creatively Elite Fitness. Photo Credit: Clint Floyd via Instagram

Clint is also partnering with to help more athletes further their football career. 

“We will be holding tryouts next year to help players in the states get on the 200+ teams in Europe.”

As prospective players are recruited they need to have a passport in order to play.

Clint also mentions that the international teams will help players finish their Bachelors and or help them earn their Masters Degree at their local Universities.

“You get to play ball, get paid, travel the world and get a degree. It doesn’t get any better than that.”

“If you're looking to play overseas, sign up and use me as a referral- Clint Floyd- or direct message me on Instagram (@_clintfloyd) so we can get you playing.”