At first I didn't want to believe it, until it was actually confirmed by social media a while ago that Kobe Bryant announced his retirement. After 20 years of a great career, the forward-guard will play his last game Utah Jazz today. The man is truly a living legacy, playing professionally straight out of high school; he was one of the first people to be drafted before entering college. He's accomplished so much from doing what he loved, 5 time NBA final champion, 2 time final MVP and a 18 time NBA all-star, it's so inspiring. 

It's a happy and sad moment that the Lakers are saying good bye to one of the best basketballs players. Many celebrities have already congratulated Kobe multiple times on his retirement on social media. There have also been multiple tributes, starting with post listing unknown facts about Kobe, the highest number of points he scored against every basketball team in the country, and recap videos of his best games. But the most heart warming post dedicated to his retirement was the one posted by his wife on Instagram. The post described all the sacrifices Kobe and his family had to make because of his career. You'd think being in the professional league would be everything you dreamed ever dreamed of, but really you have to miss out on a lot of important things such as family events and spending quality time together as mentioned in the post.


But the big debate about his retirement, of course, is which jersey number should he retire. He played as No. 8 and No. 24 for his whole career. In my opinion, I think he should retire the No. 8 jersey because that's the number he originally started with, it mark the start of his career and success. But it has been mentioned a few time that the Lakers may retire both, which may be for the best. We will see what will be decided for ourselves live at the Staple Center later on tonight, but until then, take a look at the farewell clip dedicated to Kobe Bryant.