Photo of Jelany White taken by Jordan Sands (IG: thejsands)

Photo of Jelany White taken by Jordan Sands (IG: thejsands)

In need of a little training to get you to the next level of your athletic career? Jelany White is the person to go to! 

Jelany, a Hawaii Pacific Univ. alumni and owner of Pit Performance LA in Los Angeles, is an athletic trainer who has whipped plenty of public figures into shape. From Ish Smith, Greg Ducre, Monte Morris, David Nwaba, Larry Nance, to Carmelo Anthony and numerous international professional basketball players, Jelany has worked with them to accomplish their workout goals. 

Carmelo Anthony and Jelany White pictured after a workout session. Photo by IG: @jwhite.pitla

Carmelo Anthony and Jelany White pictured after a workout session. Photo by IG: @jwhite.pitla

At 24-years-old Jelany created Pit Performance LA in June of 2015. His goal of creating his own sports management firm sparked from previously working at a player development agency that he helped create alongside a few former college basketball teammates.

“Our business was bought out but I wanted to continue to be an entrepreneur and I had a knack for strength and conditioning, so I went for it,” says White.

“I started out helping athletes in my neighborhood who didn’t have access to structured training programs.”

Since then Jelany’s clientele and business has grown, training people in various athletic backgrounds. However his primary focus of athletic training is basketball.

“My business has progressed tremendously. I started with maybe only 3 solid clients now I’m seeing upwards of 25 or more clients in a day, between 40-50 clients,” says White.

Now at 27, Jelany not only trains some of your favorite celebrity athletes, but he also trains elite high school level athletes at some of the top basketball camps in California.

“Growing up in LA playing AAU basketball I was able to build great connections with coaches, directors and parents. These days I am able to use those same connections when it comes to having access to some of the top high school basketball prospects.”

At Pit Performance LA, the starting age to be trained is 13 in order to build a solid athletic development. Clients up to as old as 63 can also be trained.

“My training is to get them prepared for next level basketball whether that is to make a varsity team, play in college, or playing on the highest level being professional, but most importantly I’m trying to train their minds to become winners at life and the first step to becoming a winner is to put in the work.”

Jelany training Chicago Bull David Nwaba. Photo by: Jordan Sands (IG: @thejsands)

Jelany training Chicago Bull David Nwaba. Photo by: Jordan Sands (IG: @thejsands)

On another note, opening a business wasn’t the only goal that Jelany had in mind. During his time at Hawaii Pacific University, Jelany played guard for the Sharks. After graduating in 2013, his goal was to play basketball overseas.

“Playing professionally was definitely a goal of mine, but after committing to starting my own business out of college I wanted to make due on my word to my business partners,” says White.

“The best part about my job is being able to still interact with athletes and help them reach their goals whether that be playing at a high level in college or professionally.”

Currently, Jelany’s new goal is to get a store front location where top athletes can come to train during their off-season.

“Right now I have a main location, which is in Culver City where I train clients, but I also have clients that I travel to for training.”

If you’re a person interested in signing up and getting fit with Jelany visit  There you’ll find information on pricing, scheduling and the services that are offered. 

You can follow Pit Performance on Twitter: @pitperformance15, Instagram: @jwhite.pitla /@pit.performancela, and Facebook: Pit Performance LA to view live training sessions, see actual results from clients and more. You can also send an email for more information to